Master P Reveals Snoop Dogg’s ‘Snoop Cereal’ Will Be Available at Walmart, Target and Amazon

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Master P Reveals Snoop Dogg’s ‘Snoop Cereal’ Will Be Available at Walmart, Target and Amazon

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, Master P reveals that the cereal that he has partnered with Snoop Dogg will be in major stores like Walmart, Target, and online retailer Amazon starting this summer.

Last summer, Snoop Dogg, with the help of his one-time label mate, Percy Miller, who goes by the moniker, Master P introduced the “best tasting cereal in the game” Snoop Loopz on his Instagram account. The cereal’s name was being blocked by another cereal company so the pair had to rename the cereal and the appropriate title became Snoop Cereal.

In a recent Instagram post, Snoop announces that Snoop Cereal will be in Walmart starting on July 15.


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In a conversation with AllHipHop, the No Limit soldier tells the media outlet that adding diversity into grocery stores is one of the reasons he and the Doggfather partnered to debut the Black-owned cereal brand.

“When you talk about Snoop Cereal, this is bigger than just cereal. I know a lot of people may ask, they want to talk about the ingredients, how it started. Me and Snoop believed in putting out brands that could feed our culture and feed our people. I grew up eating cereal. I grew up on WIC. We are able to sell at WIC now, and it’s all about adding diversity into the grocery stores.

“We don’t all own brands like this. And it’s so important because we grew up eating these products. But we got to stop the self-hate amongst each other when we talk about African-American-owned brands and give us the opportunity to get on those shelves because Snoop Cereal is bigger. The brand is all about trying to tackle homelessness, give back to a community and a culture, and rebuild and put economic empowerment into our community.”

Earlier this year, Snoop and Master P signed a national distribution deal with Post Consumer Brands. The deal includes their breakfast food products Snoop Cereal as well as Broadus Foods.

“Me and Snoop are the kings of breakfast food because we are fighting for our culture and our people to put brands in the stores. So now we’ll be in Walmart on July 15. We’ll be in Target, Albertson’s, Kroger’s, Ralph’s, and Safeway, all the major stores in June. June 24th, we’ll be on Amazon. So this is a blessing. We’ve come a long way from Hip-Hop.”

The empire of Snoop keeps building.

Two weeks ago he announced that he has partnered with businessman Neko Sparks to buy an NHL team in a quest to become the first Black owners. The Long Beach native state that he is joining forces with Sparks and his ownership group to purchase the Ottawa Senators.

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