The Atlanta Braves to Hold OutKast Night to Honor Iconic Hip-Hop Group

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The Atlanta Braves to Hold OutKast Night to Honor Iconic Hip-Hop Group

The influence of Atlanta hip-hop group, OutKast has proven to have a lasting effect.

Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves have just announced that they will be hosting an OutKast Night later this week at Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta. This upcoming Thursday, May 25, the Braves will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies when OutKast member, Big Boi will be throwing out the first pitch. No official word if Andre 3000 will be there in attendance.

When fans of the team and/or the hip-hop duo arrive on Thursday, there will see that The Battery Atlanta will have street names that are dedicated to the origination of OutKast. There will be an OutKast-inspired art wall and music from the eclectic pair will be playing inside and outside the ballpark.

The first 15,000 fans who purchase tickets for the game at Truist Park, will be getting bobbleheads of OutKast featuring both Big Boi and André 3000 sporting Atlanta Braves gear and riding together in a red convertible.

Fans will also be able to purchase food from a one-night-only ‘ATLiens Diner’ food truck. There will be authentic soul food that has been inspired by the lyrics of Big Boi and Andree 3000. Examples: Patty Melts (So Fresh and So Clean), Fried Fish and Grits (ATLiens), and Yams with Extra Syrup (SpottieOttieDopalicious).

On the Georgia Power Pavilion Stage in The Battery Atlanta, performances will be done by Biological Misfits featuring “Cosby Show” legend, Malcolm Jamal-Warner. They will be will performing OutKast tribute music starting at 6 p.m. ET. Dr. Dax, Honey Pierre, and Raphael Bahindwa, three local artists will also be creating original artwork that is inspired by the group and the Atlanta Braves baseball team throughout The Battery Atlanta.

If you’re not local to Atlanta or can’t attend the game, you’re in luck. Bally Sports Southeast will be featuring a special telecast to celebrate OutKast Night at Truist Park. Big Boi will be with sportscasters, Brandon Gaudin and Jeff Francoeur in the broadcast booth during the game while Bally Sports will also be on location with a 360-video experience for fans. The coverage for the game will showcase live on Bally Sports Southeast at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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