Author Lemar Ingram Discusses Book, ‘The G-Code: Behind the Bars’

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Author Lemar Ingram Discusses Book, 'The G-Code: Behind the Bars'

Lemar Ingram is involved in corporate America for his day job, yet, he has instilled the learnings and culture of hip-hop in order to become successful in his line of work. The self-described hip-hop head is also the author of the self-published book, “The G-Code: Behind the Bars: Hip-Hop Connoisseur’s Guide Through Corporate America.”

Ingram’s tome offers a thought-provoking list of “commandments” crucial to success (and survival) within corporate working environments. The lessons that the once-Queens resident has learned over the years through the halls of hip-hop have given him the chance to bring some of the logic and thought processes to this book.

“Lessons can be learned via positive or negative environments; all that matters is how we apply them,” he wrote as the opening to The G-Code before he made his way into the first chapter, I Wrote Me a Manual. A manual it is indeed. “My goal with The G-Code was to help those with less traditional or socially acceptable forms of education visualize how their life experience is replete with transferable skills that will most definitely translate to success in the proverbial boardroom—if applied strategically.

The Industry Cosign got an opportunity to hear some of the blessed words this author had to say as he explained the reason he wrote the book and what people can use it for. It’s not just for the corporate world, you can use some of the advice in everyday life!

Coincidentally while the world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the culture we all love and live, his book comes around at the right moment. He recently debuted the book at the Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood. It is Miami‘s creative and cultural hub and outdoor museum to some of the world’s best-known street artists. The book was also featured at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center’s 11th Annual South Florida Book Festival.

Watch the video to see how he used hip-hop to become successful in corporate America and give you the tool to do the same!!

Author Lemar Ingram Discusses Book, ‘The G-Code: Behind the Bars’

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