5 Questions With… Marley Young

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Marley Young

You may not have heard of Marley Young, yet….. He’s on the verge of releasing a project he feels is his best, The Marley Young Experience, and he has already worked with Gucci Mane and Young Bloods. With the launch of HITM Music Group, a Kansas City-based label, he is primed to make some creative noise! 

We got the chance to speak to Marley Young as he talks about what he’s bringing to the game.

As an emerging artist, what are you bringing to the industry that you feel is needed?

Reality and individuality don’t seem to exist anymore. I’ve been told that I’m that feeling of relief for music heads.

Coming from a city that hasn’t really had any major commercial Hip Hop artists as of late, do you feel pressure to breakthrough in a major way for your city?

More so I feel lucky to be able to open a new can of flavor for the world. I feel a sense of responsibility more so than pressure. It’s important that when we do get represented we are repped well.

Within the Hip Hop industry, just being an artist isn’t usually enough. Outside of writing and rapping, are you involved in any other endeavors or are you trying to do other business?

My initial passion was acting. Whether it was on stage, behind a camera, or on TV/film I was intrigued by it.  I’m also very interested in branding and having tons of different ideas for my fans to use in everyday life whether it be fashion or an app for everyday use.

Tell us about any upcoming projects you are doing or plan on working on.

At the moment I’m in the studio working and shooting videos for my new project titled ‘Icon.’  I believe that it is my best work yet. It is the perfect culmination of my personal growth and my growth in my music.   I am going through a phase where I’m getting personal with my creativity. I am often inspired by simple conversations and can make a masterpiece that not only includes my thoughts but the thoughts of others.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your current and future fans?

Yeah!! To my future fans, put on your seatbelt, get ready for the ride of your life, and let’s make history! My fans are about to witness creation that is rare and in real-time. My current fans are spoiled.  I give them what they want, how they want it! They have told me that they want this heat, they want it consistently, and creatively and that is exactly how I deliver it.

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