EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jones Talks About New Campaign with adidas HRLM Sneaker

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EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jones Talks About New Campaign with adidas HRLM Sneaker

Dipset group member, Jim Jones has always represented the Harlerm section of Manhattan, NY even before he was “ballin” on his single, “We Fly High.” Now, he gets to represent the borough while stepping into the latest adidas HRLM sneaker.

In a recent Instagram post, the Harlem native is seen in a video clip reminiscing about buying sneakers when he was younger through the streets of Harlem. He is also showcasing the HRLM sneaker by adidas Originals.


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According to Sneaker News, European sneaker retailer, Sneakersnstuff collaborated with adidas to bring back the adidas HRLM that originally debuted in the 1980s. Harlem’s Jim Jones has been brought in to represent the latest update of the 80s classic.

In an exclusive conversation with BLACK ENTERPRISE, the Dipset group member talked about how the collaboration happened and what he would like to take place when all goes well with sales for adidas HARLM.

“There’s a store called SNS (Sneakersnstuff), they may be a London brand and they have a store in New York City, and I’ve been dealing with them for a few years now. I did another initiative with them a couple of years ago and now they actually did the collaboration with adidas for the HARLM sneaker.”

Jones explained that the adidas HARLM sneaker was something that was lost inside the archives of the brand, and they were able to retrieve it. Because Jones is infamously known for holding Harlem down, they felt he was the perfect choice to represent the latest version of the shoe. He states that he is very “grateful to be a part of the whole campaign.”

He continues, “For me being connected with Adidas and doing this whole campaign is pretty dope, you know it’s very personal when it comes to Harlem. So, this is a great thing. Sneakers are a big part of Harlem culture. If you know anything about Harlem, sneakers are one of the biggest things that went on then and even today.”

And although it hasn’t officially gone on sale yet, Jones says it’s already creating a buzz.

“Well, the response has been crazy so far, having a lot of calls, people actually think it’s my sneaker like the Jim Jones HARLM Sneaker, which it’s not MY sneaker but, it’s definitely a dope sneaker.”

With the excitement of the sneaker, Jones is also hoping that this will lead to other opportunities, if not with adidas, then with other companies.

“I mean, I’m hoping that that happens. We can continue to do something like this and I’m hoping I could get a great deal with this and see what else we can do when it comes to Jim Jones and the sneaker business.”

Yet, Jones definitely has his eyes on building an empire under the Jim Jones banner in the very near future.

“There’s so many things that I plan to do going forward as an entrepreneur, everybody knows that I started my career with music and I’ve done so many other things. Right now, moving into news, content and television, so people will start to see a lot about capital cash, keep that in the back of your head because you’re gonna start to see visuals soon.”

According to the Sneakersnstuff website,  the adidas HRLM will be released exclusively at all SNS Locations, with the exception of SNS LA. Consumers can purchase the footwear starting on May 27th and May 28th, or they can do so via SIGN UP in the SNS App, closing May 29th and releasing May 30th. The sale price of the adidas HARLM is $110.

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