Cam’ron Covers GQ Magazine

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Cam’ron is the King of Hot Takes on the new GQ Magazine Cover

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(New York, NY) February 15, 2024- Well-renowned rapper and now popular sports talk show host Cam’ron graces the latest GQ Magazine cover. Cam’ron was previously featured in Billboard Magazine and became the face of Kith’s Spring 2022 collection. Kith collaborated with Cam’ron and Swiss Beats for their “Last Stop” single. 


In the interview, Cam’ron discussed with the magazine how he grew “It Is What It Is” to one of the hottest sports shows in the past calendar year. It also sheds light on how the show became a reconciliation between the Harlemites, Cam’ron, and Ma$e. The article expounded on their rekindled relationship as GQ writer Frazier Tharpe wrote:


“For all the laugh-out-loud moments they produce, ‘It Is What It Is’ yields some genuinely touching moments. ‘Me and Mase are kind of the same n-gga,’” Cam says, “There’s a lot of shit me and him been through that other people that I’m around may not know. Me and him remembering a lot of shit that we did [in real time] is super cool. Because sometimes he’ll bring up some shit that I forgot about, or vice versa.” An interaction that started off jokey turned emotional when Cam asked Mase on-air why he took him directly to B.I.G. instead of Bad Boy proper. Mase takes a moment to carefully phrase his response: “Biggie would do right by you.” Last week, on a show taped on Cam’s birthday, Mase gave him $20,000—a stack for every year that they did not speak. Cam said he’d likely just spend the money on a gift for Mase.”


GQ Magazine is famous for covering Men’s fashion, grooming, fitness, lifestyle, news & politics. Formerly Gentlemen’s Quarterly and Apparel Arts, GQ is an American international monthly men’s magazine based in New York City and founded in 1931.



Check out Cam’ron and his fellow co-hosts of “It Is What It Is” this Saturday at All-Star Weekend. Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out.


Cam’ron embodies the famous Frank Sinatra line, “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” The Harlem native played basketball alongside fellow rapper Mase in grade school, attended college, has on-screen film credits for Paid In Full and Killa Season, and is the co-host of the sports talk show with Mase and Stat Baby, “It Is What It Is.” However, his path to greatness has always been defined through rap. After gaining support from The Notorious B.I.G. and working with Big L, Cam’ron gained his first gold-certified hit with his 1998 album Confessions of Fire. All his solo albums have debuted within the top 20 of the Billboard Top 200. The success of his musical career is also supplemented by the popularity of a group he co-founded with Jim Jones, The Diplomats.

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