TMG Fresh Has ‘Silk Pajamas’

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(LOS ANGELES, CA) February 21, 2019 – The latest audio release Silk Pajamasfrom luxury rapper TMG Fresh is a more reflective project from his previous work, painting a picture of his high-end lifestyle and the questions Fresh asks himself about what it all means.
I just put another crib in escrow/ Time for celebration but who’s there tho?/ Bitches in my phone I don’t care for/ Are these hoes all I left my ex for?
These lyrics on title track “Silk Pajamas” share a different side of Fresh, a playboy archetype known for celebrating the good life every chance he gets. As he marked the release of last project Mansion Music with a lavish party surrounded by bunny-tailed models and actual live rabbits, signs of his over-the-top millionaire persona were everywhere. But even millionaires take time to reflect on life once in a while, and as Silk Pajamas unfolds, Fresh makes it clear there’s more to him than his wealth.
Rapping about their lifestyles of spending sprees and designer fashion is what many rappers aspire to, and TMG Fresh has fit this identity from the beginning. But on Silk Pajamas the up-and-coming artist gets into a more melodic flow and reflects lyrically in a new way. As Fresh detailed in a recent interview, “Mansion Music is more of a club project, virtually all the records on it were club records. Silk Pajamas is a bit slower and a bit more introspective. I touch on more of my feelings and emotions in Silk Pajamas and allow listeners further into my world and into my head. When I recorded Silk Pajamas, I was somewhat in a different space mentally but more so just further along in my development as an artist so I feel I was better able to capture and express a broader spectrum of my feelings and emotions through my music on this project.”
On EP opening track “Somethin Special,” Fresh sings with an edge of sadness in his voice over a beat to match about the love he wishes he felt amidst all the luxury.
And I just spent $1500 on a dancer/ I don’t even think that shit was that romantic/ I’m just tryna make it home to hit the road again/ 6 am it’s time for me to go again.
Through four smooth-sounding tracks with cutting edge production and Fresh’s newfound reflections on what it all means, Silk Pajamas shares the evolution of a playboy who’s still looking for love amidst his life of luxury.
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