My Friends Are Better Than Yours Featuring DJ Kenny Parker of BDP

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My Friends Are Better Than Yours Featuring DJ Kenny Parker of BDP

BIG CED of The Business of Hip Hop talks to DJ Kenny Parker of Boogie Down Productions. Kenny discusses the book he just wrote and released ‘My Brother’s Name Is Kenny: The Greatest True Hip-Hop Story Ever Told’ The book is a tell-all written by Kenny about the upbringing of himself and his brother, KRS-One, who is considered to be one of the most lyrical Hip-Hop artists of the world.

Kenny goes into detail about moments that shape the legendary career that he has been a part of from growing up in New York City to living in luxury at the famed Lenox Terrace in Harlem to becoming homeless. Watching his older brother start his career representing the Bronx when he made a diss track going at Queensbridge Project’s MC Shan, Mr. Magic, and the Juice Crew. After releasing “South Bronx” and then the follow-up song, “The Bridge is Over” Kenny was alongside his popular brother as Boogie Down Productions made its mark in music history by trailblazing the art form and helping to take it to another level.

Kenny Parker is the longtime DJ and music producer for the iconic hip-hop artist KRS-One & Boogie Down Productions. He is a native New Yorker and the younger brother of KRS-One. During his over 30-year music industry career, Kenny has performed more than one thousand concerts with KRS-One. His contributions helped KRS-ONE earn the first-ever Source Magazine Award for ‘Best Live Hip-Hop Performer’ in 1994. Kenny Parker has appeared in more than 20 music videos and performed over a dozen nationally televised events, ranging from VH1, MTV, BET, and PBS programs to ‘Soul Train’ and ‘The Arsenio Hall Show.’ Kenny became the first DJ and producer to appear on a reality show (MTV’s ‘The Real World’ – Season 1 Episode 2), producing two songs for the groundbreaking show. Kenny Parker is credited with more than 50 major label song releases and produced music for four Nike television commercials. The book “SP 1200, The Art & Science” featured Kenny for his pioneering use of the legendary SP 1200 drum machine. Kenny holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. You can find out more about him at DJKENNYPARKER.COM.

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