Dave Chappelle and Busta Rhymes to Co-Headline the Dave & Busta Tour

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Dave Chappelle and Busta Rhymes to Co-Headline the Dave & Busta Tour

Many of us have been to Dave & Buster’s and may have had some great fun there. Now prepare for a different experience with the Dave & Busta Tour!

Over the weekend, rapper Busta Rhymes made an appearance at a Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock show, and while on stage, Chappelle announced that he and the lyrical artist will be heading on the road later this year.

Busta “warned” his Twitter followers about an announcement that was upcoming on Saturday morning.

The former Leaders of the New School member posted a clip from a show over the weekend that made the announcement of the Dave & Busta Tour official. As Chappelle and Rock share the stage, Busta is acknowledged for being in attendance.

“There is nobody better than Busta Rhymes,” Rock states.

Then Chappelle chimed in and said, “Oh, I gotta tell you. Me and Busta are gonna start doing a tour together. It’s not even a show — it’s more like a party. It’s called Dave & Busta’s.”

The crowd seems to laugh and possibly takes it as a Chappelle joke not realizing how serious the comedian is. Busta posts the clip of the “announcement” to his social media page.

“TIME FOR THE BIG BLOODCLAAAAAT ANNOUNCEMENT!! OH S**T!! @davechappelle x The Dragon 🐉 #DAVE&BUSTATOUR Stay tuned for dates comin’ soon!! The Blessing ain’t stoppin’!!!
Visual Captured by The Dragon 🐉 & @thebiggerpicturebuda

Although there hasn’t been an official tour listing, it seems like they have already performed together judging by the photos Busta posted to his Twitter page.

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