5 Questions With… Kourtious

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Louisville, Kentucky…..  Known most famously for the birthplace of the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time), Muhammad Ali, but is gearing up to add another name to link with the legendary town through the means of  Timothy ‘Kourtious’ Bell. The model/actor has travelled while on the No Limit Forever Tour as he honed his skills to emerge victorious in the Hip Hop game.

The rapper recently took out the time to speak to The Industry Cosign before the release of his project, ‘Business Never Personal.’

What do you feel Hip-Hop can do now in order to bring some more excitement to the game that some think is missing in terms of music and artistry?

More Original artists… Too many artisst sounding alikeT this is a game where you can create a Character and the game needs individuals that takes chances n think outside the box.

What do you think will be the formula for your success in The Business of Hip-Hop?

Just being different with my sound and the type of creative substance… I’m great with topics n making it catchy and Constantly switching my flow to keep viewers  attention.

We all know that the best way to make money in the music industry nowadays is to have a hustle outside of the actual music. Do you have other talents or aspirations that may help enhance your career?

Well yea, that’s why I moved to ATL. I figure I’ll get back into modeling and doin so and networking, casting for acting has become a part of my options.

What is the name of your first single and do you have a project in the works and/or completed that we can anticipate?

The name of my first single is ‘Can’t Get Her Out Of My Mind’ and once the single do as plan, which is surface the city, I will eventually drop my project ‘Business Never Personal.’

What, in your opinion, makes an artist successful today?

I’m not sure. Every artist is different in how the viewers view them with their music makes that artist lovable or dislike as the bad guy. It’s all kinds of tactics and u have to find yours. I took the the ladies man approach, I can give that soft loving music… That TWERK music n that hard street. The ladies like a balance with a dude that has a lil turn up/Wild side and a lil hood/ street inside him with tattoos n nice body.

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