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With Hip Hop, as a culture and business, growing and expanding on a daily basis, it’s always a relief to hear and/or see something new and/or different. The more things change, the more they stay the same. It seems like someone is always trying to become a better someone before them. We’ve seen this story many times and will see countless more! But, this time, you’re going to hear something you most likely haven’t heard based on the nature of the subject matter and lifestyle.

Diet is something we all have, it’s just a matter of what it is and how it’s sustained. Between cultural and environmental habits, a LOT of people don’t eat in the fashion that is optimal for their lifestyle. Well, the focus is now on Hocus! Hocus 45th is a vegan and is doing his best to put forth the effort to let our peoples know the benefits and the movement of veganism. We got a chance to speak to him and his thoughts on what he is bringing to Hip Hop, his future plans and, of course, veganism.

1. You’ve released a song called, ‘Why Vegan?’ What is the song about and why did you feel the need to do this song?

I made this sing because I believe people don’t really understand the importance of why they should adopt a vegan lifestyle. Some of the reasons include health issues, environmental issues and also moral issues. We are killing animals and in return they are killing us. Factory farming causes global warming because of the greenhouse gases that go into the atmosphere. In addition, I feel like it’s wrong to breed animals just for slaughter, especially when we don’t have to. It’s just wrong.

2. You’re taking on something that is unheard of in Hip Hop, or should I say Commercial Hip Hop. How do you think it will be perceived, do you really feel there can be a movement and/or people will see the benefits of going vegan?

I sometimes get backlash because it’s not “cool” to be a vegan in urban culture, yet it’s cool to do drugs, or to be ignorant. As bad as that sounds, it’s the truth. It’s a battle that I am prepared to take on. Where I come from, there are no vegans, lol. I grew up in gang culture. It’s unheard of. I am one of very few but some look at me as a leader. People follow and look up to me, so yes, I think the movement will grow, the awareness has already started. I am introducing something new and different to people who otherwise would have never given it a second thought.

3. What else is Hocus 45th doing in terms of your career in Hip Hop?

I’m working with a couple of artists. Shout out to Hush Money and Ronye. I’m helping to launch their careers. I’ve launched my label Bang Bang Boogie Entertainment and I’m stepping into the role of CEO. I just released a single from my mixtape called “Friends with Benefits” that is now available on all digital outlets. Your readers can check it out here, https://www.amazon.com/Hocus-45th-Digital-Music/s?page=1&rh=n%3A163856011%2Ck%3AHocus%2045th

4. If you can change anything in Hip Hop, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t change nothing about the artist. I love watching young black men who, although have been faced with so much adversity, they come out of that and become successful. For every successful artist, it gives other people hope. I grew up on Hip-Hop. I love Hip-Hop. I am Hip-Hop. I wouldn’t change nothing.

5. We all know nowadays that creativity and talent gets you so far in this game. Do you have any other ‘hustles’ that you are currently involved with or plan on doing?

I’ve created a green juice that I call “Formula 45th”. It will be a part of my forthcoming juice detox system.  I am really excited about the expansion of my business, V. Lifestyle. As a vegan, when I go shopping for sneakers it’s hard to find them without leather or suede so I decided to create my own vegan sneaker line that will launch mid-2019. I’m also branding my daughter, who is 3 years old and has been raised as a vegan since birth. Her name is Astra Chavi and she is already blogging.  You can check her out here, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RP5-vyAEUsTG-3bprWkGQ.


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