5 Questions With… Da Major

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Da Major

5 Questions With… Da Major

What inspired your latest single Vision?

What inspired the song vision was my ability to have a vision and see it through. I wanted to deliver an important message while at the same time creating something that could be played in the clubs.

Being from South Carolina, how did growing up in the south influence the music that you make today?

Growing up in the south and listening to music from all over the allowed me to have some versatility. Now that I am in NY, I can see how that influence helps me to stand out from the rest.

How did you get your name, Da Major? 

My stage name used to be Swagg Major and I preferred Da Major, it just stuck. It sounded more mature and accurate so that worked for me.

What is your contribution to Hip Hop?

I would like to think that I give hope to Hip Hop. Even though my life has not been a bed of roses, I have never given up. I want the passion that I have for Hip Hop and music gives the younger generation that push they need. And of course, I contribute HOT music!

Say you have an unlimited budget to put together a tour. Which 4 artists are you bringing with you?

I look forward to that very soon. The artists I would bring on my tour are Boosie, Da Baby, Drake, and Lil Baby.

5 Questions With… Da Major

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