Vic Mensa Joins Sports Audio App Colorcast as Advisor & Part-Owner

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Vic Mensa Joins Sports Audio App Colorcast as Advisor & Part-Owner
Vic Mensa Joins Sports Audio App Colorcast as Advisor & Part-Owner
Colorcast, the social audio app for sports consumption, is excited to announce the newest addition to their advisory board, rapper Vic Mensa. Mensa is joining the Colorcast team as a part-owner, advisor, and brand ambassador who will help lead Colorcast’s celebrity acquisition efforts. As the sports app continues to grow and expand its audiences, Mensa hopes to bring more awareness to the app and its functionalities for all types of sports fans.
“We are thrilled to have Vic join Colorcast as a part-owner, advisor, and brand ambassador,” said Evan Kirkham, CEO of Colorcast. “Vic has used the app to commentate a Chicago Bears game and the recent Jake Paul fight. He brings a totally fresh perspective to the team, especially as we begin thinking about onboarding additional celebrity talent. We’re confident that Vic will help the team capitalize on recent growth and expand our offering to user groups we weren’t previously reaching. It’s an exciting development for Colorcast and for the social-audio industry as a whole.”
Mensa began casting on the app in January 2021 and enjoyed the authentic interactions so much, he wanted to get more involved with the team. Mensa is personally interested in casting UFC events but recognizes how Colorcast functions as a fantastic outlet for other celebrities and influencers to connect with their audiences, whether they are sports experts or not.
“Colorcast is an app that allows anyone with an opinion about sports or sports culture to speak their mind and I’m a big fan of that,” said Mensa. “I’m looking forward to being more than just a Caster for the app. I want to see how we can expand the app’s reach through more celebrity interactions. I know there are other celebrities and influencers who want that same type of authentic engagement I’ve been seeing – plus you don’t have to be a sports expert to enjoy it.”
Mensa is a Chicago-born rapper, singer, songwriter, and activist. He began his career as a member of the group Kids These Days and later went on to debut his solo mixtape Innanetape. Mensa has released one studio album, one collaboration album, one mixtape, five extended plays, and 38 singles. He is a founder of the hip-hop collective Savemoney which includes frequent collaborator Chance the Rapper. Mensa is also the founder of the SavemoneySavelife foundation, whose mission is to use art and entertainment to foster sustainable change and funds three programs in Chicago centered on health and the arts. Colorcast is now the newest addition to his endeavors outside of music.
About Colorcast
Colorcast, launched in late 2020 and awarded first place in the 2021 SXSW 1-Minute Pitch Competition, is the social audio app for sports consumption. The app’s proprietary synching technology allows listeners and casters to interact in real-time during live sporting events while new features like betting odds, box scores, and stats keep users up-to-date on games, even if they’re not in front of the TV. Through technology and innovation, Colorcast is forever changing the way live sports are enjoyed.

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