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Cashmere, an Award-winning lifestyle marketing shop, announced a first of its kind joint venture with Render, a digital storytelling organization, to galvanize millennial and Gen Z social cause activism for brands and civic engagement initiatives. The two join forces to help community organizations, political campaigns and brands tell powerful stories that impact social change. GET LOUDER is the natural evolution of Cashmere’s legacy of intimate involvement with politics, social causes and its close, working relationship with the Founder of Render, Dr. Rob “Biko” Baker, the former Executive Director of the  League of Young Voters.  Render has worked with numerous clients including the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Harry Belafonte’s, Ava Duvernay’s Array, and others. GET LOUDER will develop strategy, content and amplify the online impact of social impact initiatives from brands, political campaigns, organizations and content creators.

To solidify the new venture, GET LOUDER kicked off with nationwide ice cream chain Ben & Jerry. GET LOUDER strategically consulted around the brand’s Justice Remix’d, a campaign geared towards shining light on criminal justice reform. GET LOUDER is already laying the groundwork to have a huge impact at the 2020 Democratic National Convention which takes place in Dr, Baker’s hometown of Milwaukee, WI, one of the most important media markets in the race towards the White House.

GET LOUDER’s approach is social media forward, a nod to the agency’s intrinsic knowledge that today’s voters and social influencers are also consumers and purveyors of culture. The agency finds success in the social landscape by building, nurturing and managing communities to organically align with each campaign. Cashmere’s immersion in brands, entertainment  pop culture teamed with Render’s mission to bring attention to social causes makes this the perfect partnership.

Cashmere is an agency that puts culture – and the needs of the culture – absolutely first. Our sweet spot has always been to utilize entertainment as a conduit to drive culture and reach millennials and Gen Z . Millennials accounted for 25 percent of the votes cast in the 2016 election and Gen Zers are right behind them waiting for their voices to be heard. One of the things that stood out during the 2016 election and something we’ve always known at Cashmere is how the power of youth voices drives change,” said Ryan Ford, EVP and CCO, Cashmere Agency. “While we’ve worked around large political and cultural moments for years, it is essential to harness this same power and mobilize GET LOUDER to drive this same audience to be more informed and more importantly, to the polls. Render understands the importance of reaching this critical audience and they’re at the forefront of social justice, so it made perfect sense for us to formalize our partnership with the creation of GET LOUDER.”

For more than a decade, Cashmere and Dr. Baker have collaborated on important political moments including the high-profile Brown & Black Forum, which is the oldest minority-oriented forum for presidential candidates and addresses the issues and concerns of minority communities – with esteemed speakers and attendees ranging from former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The two entities created a poignant “No Guns Allowed” gun violence panel discussion during the BET Experience Awards weekend in Los Angeles with rapper/ actor T.I., acclaimed director Ryan Coogler, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and local activists. The two have also teamed up with angel investors, athletes and celebrities for an “Unload Your 401K” PSA to educate citizens about how their 401K contributions fund gun lobbyist corporations. During the last national census, together they launched Ignite – sponsored by the Ford Foundation – aimed at educating the public about the Census.

GET LOUDER soft launched this past fall during the 2018 midterm elections by collaborating with organizations including NextGen America, UC Berkeley’s HAAS Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and Woke Vote, a digital engagement strategy that drove thousands of voters to the polls in Alabama’s historic election. Woke Vote reached 2.5 million impressions through content creation and ad buys in less than two months from its launch.

“The climate is at a fever pitch for Cashmere and Render to be working together in an official capacity. GET LOUDER is our chance to amplify our message, reach our target audiences and involve social impact brands and organizations in our mission,” said Dr. Baker, Founder, Render. “We’ve been creating and curating digital content that inspires people to action. There’s so much on the line, and we’re excited to be helping socially conscious efforts to get it right.”

With the 2020 presidential election season promising to be one of the most crucial turning points in this nation’s history, GET LOUDER has plans for The Black & Brown Forum, which has already announced  Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 20th, 2020) as the date of its next forum for presidential candidates. The forum will focus on criminal justice, immigration, education, health and economic development for minority voters.

Cashmere Agency is an award-winning shop and is a lifestyle-marketing company comprised of a diverse collective of minds from the worlds of entertainment, advertising and new media. Cashmere Agency specializes in identifying trends to create and execute campaigns that resonate in and drive culture. Cashmere Agency utilizes social media, creative strategy, digital trends, experiential, influencer and public relations strategies to provide full service support for campaigns and brands.

Cashmere Agency’s diverse client roster includes top brands and entertainment companies, including: BMW of North America, Jack in the Box, Sundial Brands, SheaMoisture, Google, adidas, Lyft, Diageo, Beats by Dre, Disney, Marvel, ABC, Turner Broadcasting, FX, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Amazon, FOX and more. Cashmere Agency has been recognized as a leading force within the Creative Industry and has been the recipient of multiple awards; including 2019 Cannes Lions Creative Award, The Clio Awards, AdColor, A100 and named AdAge’s Multicultural 2019 Agency of the Year.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Cashmere Agency also has an office in New York.  For more information about Cashmere Agency, please visit or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn @cashmereagency.

Render was founded by Dr. Rob “Biko” Baker (History, UCLA) in 2016 to provide digital strategy and content creation services to social cause organizations. In two years, Render has worked with numerous clients including the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Harry Belafonte’s, Snoop Dogg’s No Guns Allowed, Ava Duvernay’s Array and nearly a dozen other organizations.

After nearly 10 years as the Executive Director with the League of Young Voters, Dr. Rob “Biko” Baker spent the last two years immersed in the technology sector. By launching Render, his goal is to bring agile project management and continuous delivery approaches to the social cause and public sector through digital storytelling.

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