Black Thought Announces New Book, ‘The Upcycled Self’

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Black Thought Announces New Book, ‘The Upcycled Self’

Tariq Trotter, also known as the lead vocalist Black Thought of the hip-hop band, The Roots is releasing a book later this year.

Black Thought announced the tome in a recent Instagram post on Tuesday. The lyricist will be releasing his book, titled “The Upcycled Self” this fall on November 14 on the One World imprint of Random House Books.

“The storytelling continues. The medium is ever evolving.

“I’m so proud of this work. It’s been years in the making. The story of the Upcycled Self — a focus on childhood forged from the fire.

“I hope in sharing so much about my upbringing we can find new courage to start the difficult conversations that prompt healing, with ourselves and others. As men. As Black men. As humans.”


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The book can be preordered now on the Amazon website. The price of the hardcover version is $26.99. No word yet if there will be a paperback and/or e-book as well.

A description of the book on the Penguin Random House website states that “The Upcycled Self” explores Black Thought’s mind frame as he expresses the dramatic stories of the “four powerful relationships” that molded him- community, friends, art, and family. It’s the “beautifully bluesy story of a boy genius’s coming of age that illuminates the redemptive power of the upcycle.”

Less than two years ago, Black Thought released an Audible Original project, “7 Years.” That project took us on his start on the lyrical journey he has been on since his young days as a burgeoning rapper.

In an Instagram post, he acknowledged that the Audible project showcases “important periods” that shaped him into the man he had become.

“It’s inspired by one of my life theories that every 7 years I should be actively working to become better creatively, emotionally, personally, and mentally as my body also changes and new cells replace the old. So in this piece of words and music I’m sharing some of these key important periods that have made me into the man I am today—with an original musical score that highlights the very first freestyle I ever wrote to our @theroots classics to performances of some of my more recent pieces”

By penning the book, he joins his drummer, business partner, and bandmate, Questlove who recently released a book of his own last month, “The Rhyme of Time.”

Black Thought Announces New Book, ‘The Upcycled Self’

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