Cam’Ron Adds 3 New Shows Under His Come and Talk 2 Me Network

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Cam’Ron Adds 3 New Shows Under His Come and Talk 2 Me Network

Entertainment Mogul Cam’Ron Giles Adds Three New Shows Under His Come and Talk 2 Me Network

  Es Lo Que Es, Cam’ron’s Come And Talk 2 Me, & Mase’s Fix My Life Premiering This Fall

[Harlem, NY, July 5, 2023] Cam’ron Giles announces three new shows under his “Come And Talk 2 Me” network. “Es Lo Que Es,” “Come And Talk 2 Me,” and “Ma$e’s Fix My Life” will premiere this fall.


In February 2023, Giles launched the sports talk show “It Is What It Is” alongside fellow co-hosts Mason Ma$e Betha and Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson. Months after the show’s rapid rise in popularity, “It Is What It Is” is expanding their coverage with an all-hispanic show in “Es Lo Que Es.”


“Es Lo Que Es” (@esloquees_talkshow) focuses on baseball coverage by a Hispanic/Latino cast with actor Cuban Hunter (@thecubanhunter), hardworking dad Fidel Gocio (@fgocio), and known blogger Loopy (@everybodylovesloopy). The sports show currently has a few episodes out now on YouTube and became the first show to branch from “It Is What It Ison the “Come And Talk 2 Me” network.


When asked about the show’s vision, producer BBinc stated, “I want it to be presented as if we’re giving barbershop talk or block talk you would see in NYC about baseball. Not only do we want to talk about what’s going on currently, but we would also like to discuss the great moments in the history of the sport. It’ll feel very natural as if you’re drinking a Corona and watching the game with your friends.”


“Come And Talk 2 Me,” hosted by Cam’ron, where Cam’ron helps people with their personal issues. Whether it’s relationship problems, family issues, or job troubles, Cam’ron wants to be an open ear and provide his best advice on any matter. The trailer has Cam’ron Giles helping a married couple overcome adversities such as the wife being handicapped and the husband expressing how tired he is taking care of her.


Betha’s new show, Ma$e, Fix My Life will focus on people overcoming difficulties in their lives.


Giles explained his interest in developing these different shows with a desire to transition into show production. “I have been trying to work with others to be on networks or shows to no avail. I’m forty-seven. I’m tired of waiting for calls back. I told myself “let me take a chance on myself” and that’s what I did.” said Giles.


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