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Hip Hop is always evolving, whether you feel it’s good or bad, will be debatable based on who is speaking of those changes. BUT, we all have to admit that the game has definitely evolved! The important thing for some, is being ABLE to change with the game to still have some relevancy. Harlem’s own, DJ Ron G, once the ‘Youngest in Charge’ is still holding his own in this Hip Hop environment.
Still in the game, DJ Ron G took time out of his busy schedule to grant The Industry Cosign with an interview as we can all agree that this young man is definitely ‘Legendary’
1. You once had the title of ‘Youngest In Charge’ when you first came out, how does it feel, many years later, to be still involved in the game?
It is a blessing to still be in the music industry as a platinum record producer and a world known DJ.
2. In your many years in Hip Hop, what trend are/were you most proud of and where do you want to see Hip Hop going in the near future?
I am proud to see Hip Hop artist rap over Hip Hop and R & B songs. I want to see Hip Hop going back to that New York Hip Hop era.
3. You took part in one of the many hustles of Hip Hop when you were doing your mixtapes years ago. What do you think of the hustles of Hip Hop these days in terms of social media and other aspects of the music these days?
I think the hustles of Hip Hop is easier today because it can be done at home or by building your fan base online.
4. You’ve seen many things in The Business of Hip Hop, if you could do something you’ve never done in Hip Hop, what would you do and why?
I would create a 6 man team of CEOs in Hip Hop and I want to see if we can own a Hip Hop franchise, property, homes, planes, schools & distribution company.
5. What is DJ Ron G doing these days?
I am on radio. Titled “The Morning Cafe Radio Show” Mon- Fri. 6-10 am on 98.1 FM The Urban Heat. I am producing records, King Promo – Online  Promotions, DJ at events & more.
6. What are you most proud of in terms of your work in Hip Hop?
I am proud of the combination of Hip Hop & R & B music. I feel like I am one of the reasons the music industry is comfortable with that sound today.
7. How do you think you would have done, in terms of popularity, if social media was available 20 years ago?
Honesty. I don’t know.
8. What advice would you give anyone who wants to be successful in this game called Hip Hop?
Know what you want to do. Have a drive. Never let anyone tell you not to pursue your dream. Education is a part of success and never stop the grind.
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